Emsur Valencia Saymopack and Emsur Poland pass the SMETA audit process

poniedziałek, 12 listopad 2018 10:41

Emsur’s two European plants have passed the Sedex ethical transparency, good labour and environmental practices audit.

SMETA stands for SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit, SEDEX being the world's largest collaborative supply chain platform where buyers, suppliers and auditors can store and share information in a transparent manner. This ethical audit provides an internationally-recognised way of assessing responsible supply chain activities at global level. It is the most widely used ethical audit in the world with approximately 280,000 audits to date.

The specific audit format for Sedex members is also publicly available, to share with absolute transparency, both the audit methodology and the knowledge and good auditing practices that underpin SMETA reports.

SMETA is divided into 4 key areas: Environment, Business Ethics, Health and Safety and Labour Standards. Emsur Valencia Saymopack has passed the audit in each of these areas and Emsur Poland has passed the two required by clients. With these new achievements Emsur ensures the fulfilment of several objectives that form part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Congratulations to everyone!